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2006년 설립된 린이(Linyi)콘스모스(Consmos)목업유한회사는 중국뿐 아니라 세계에서 가장 유명한 합판생산의 중심지인 린이시에 있으며 합판제조가공무역을 해왔다. 2006년 이후 10여 년 만이다.
콘스모스 단단의 끊임없는 노력으로 콘스모스는 중국뿐 아니라 세계에서 가장 유명한 합판과 OSB 제품 브랜드로 거듭났다.


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Wiremesh Anti-slip Plywood

Detailed Products Description
Film faced plywood shuttering panel formwork board (tego plywood)Specification :
Item: film faced plywood,Marine Plywood,Marine plywood for concrete formwork,construction board,shuttering board,shuttering plywood,formwork plywood,brown film faced plywood,black film faced plywood,yellow film faced plywood,red film faced plywood,tego plywood,Consmos plywood,4mm film faced plywood,18mm film faced plywood
Thickness: 4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,9mm ,12mm,15mm,18mm,21mm,24mm,27mm,30mm 
Size: 915x1830mm,1220x2440mm,610X2440MM,1200x2400mm,1250x2500mm,1500x3000mm,610x2500mm for Israeli market,or other cut into size suchas 610x2440x18mm for Middle East Market. 
Core: Poplar core,Hardwood core,Birch core,Combi core,Twin birch surface ,renewed core etc. 
Film: Dynea or StoraEnso dark brown film 120g/sqm, Chinese black film 240g/sqm, Chinese brown film 220g/sqm,linyi brown film, yellow film plywood, green film plywood, red film plywood etc.
Wiremeshed anti-sliperry plywood, W/F plywood,  one side smooth another side wiremeshed anti-slip. 
Glue: Phenolic WBP glue; Melamine WBP glue; MR glue 
Edges Treatment : firslty sealed by phenolic waterproof glue then painted by water-proof paint in blue color or brown color or as requested
Certificates of plywood: We Consmos can supply you the plywood qualified with the standard by ISO9001-2000,ISO14001-2000,SONCAP,PVOC,CARB,CE ,Kenya PVOC,Kuwait KUCAS、Saudi Arab SASO、Algeria CAP、Nigeria SONCAP、Uganda PVOC,SGS certified plywood ect.
We Consmos specially professional in supplying film faced plywood 18mm shuttering panel with huge quantity every month to Mid-east Market, Russian market, central Asian market regulaly every month.
Meanwhile we also can supply you the formwork systerm accessories, scaffolding , H-20 beams etc.
Packing: covered by plastic bag, fastened by steel belts with pallets, strong export packing.
Shipping marks: standard CONSMOS shipping marks for export, as below cited option:
Wiremeshed Film Faced Plywood:
Wiremeshed Film faced plywood, same specification as normal film faced plywood, the wiremeshed design can be square, cross and diamond etc.
Specification of Flower Cart board film faced plywood:
Flower cart board film faced plywood, poplar core, Dynea brown film 120g/sqm,Melamine glue ,popular size and specification as below: 
A   6.5x547x1275mm    with 2 hand holes and all four corners cutting
B   6.5x541x1240mm    plain board without processing
Features of Consmos Film Faced Plywood:
1)  Good Raw Materials and High quality 
2)  More repeated using times 
3)  Good packing and fast shipment 
4)  Delivery the right products according to different level of requirement 
5)  High performance/price ratio 
Please contact our sales team for more detailed information regarding Chinese Film Faced Plywood products .
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    Application of Consmos Film faced Plywood:
    Film faced plywood used popularly as shuttering panel or formwork panel for building. the wiremeshed film faced plywood are used for scaffolding board or trailer flooring board in Europe; the Flower cart board film faced plywood are specially used in market of Netherlands /Holland or Denmark.
    Construction Vehicles 
     Flooring  Transport